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Are we driving ourselves fat?

Or is any sedentary job or role causing us to put on weight. There is a new Australian study out this week that shows that our waists get bigger,  blood glucose levels increase and there's an increase in cardio vascular risks.  If you spend more than an hour in the car a day you will, supposedly, be putting on weight. Most of our jobs involve some form of driving especially in rural areas like the East of England. The public transport system just isn't good enough and never will be as everyone is going in a different direction and area. Used cars are part of our lives to get us from Ato B. Why not exercise in your car, if you're stuck in traffic.

We used to used our arms before power steering came along and now with the increasing use of automatic cars, cruise control and assisted braking our legs don't get much of workout either. 

Here's an exercise from The Beauty Bean:

Belly Busting. While driving, pretend you are trying to zip closed a tight pair of skinny jeans. Pull your belly button in towards your spine as you try to pull your lower belly away from the waistband of your pants. Hold here, engaging your abs, or, for a more intense workout, breathe out 20 times quickly. As you breathe out, contract your lower abs even harder to pulse your abs in and out.

Jeff Daubs says:

"Place your hands against the roof or your car, push up with your arms and squeeze your abs at the same time," he says. "Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat as many times as possible. The dual action of pressing up with the arms and shoulders and squeezing the core creates a static hold that serves to strengthen the arms, shoulders, back, and core all at the same time." He suggests lifting one or both legs off the floor to engage your core even more."



Please don't try to do any of these exercises whilst driving. 


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