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Driving in Wet conditions

The First day of Autumn is here (23rd September 2019) and the next day, it rains.  It is a welcome sight in Suffolk as it has been very dry over the summer months. However, it is harder to drive when the rain is dripping down onto your windscreen.

Now that the weather is changing it is a good idea to check your windscreen wiper blades and lights are working, top up your washer bottle too. Whilst you are checking the car, check your tyre. You may need to order new parts or take it to your local garage for a quote. Base Garage next to us would be more than happy to help. Good value too.

It is also important to understand how to drive in wet conditions.  So what should you do:

  • First and foremost: Slow down
  • Make sure there is enough distance between your car and the used car in front
  • Have dipped headlights on (the auto setting on your lights might not put them on for you)
  • Avoid puddles and pools of water
  • Ensure you know how to aquaplane if it happens
  • Try to avoid pedestrians getting wet

Have I missed anything from this list?

Please do call us for any advice on driving or buying or selling a used car: Simon Shield Cars 01473 658091



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