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How do I tax my car without an MOT?

During this difficult time when we are all in lockdown. How do we go about taxing our used car, especially when we don't have a current MOT.  The MOT has been extended by 6 months so I don't have any details. 

What do I do?

Your MOT has been extended by 6 months and this should have been done automatically by DVLA, 3 days before your MOT is due to expire. Check here to make sure: and if it hasn't been extended email the DVLA at this email address:

Once you have confirmation that your MOT has been extended, you can tax your car as normal online.  Here's the link:  If you don't tax your car, you could be fined up to £1,000.

Can I stop paying car tax during Coronavirus lockdown?

Yes you can, by SORN your car off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notice declaration. Here's the link to do this: You will get any refund for tax that is due. It also means that no-one can drive the car on the road legally.  The used car still belongs to you, it just isn't being driven and needs to be stored in a garage, on a driveway or on private land. 

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