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How many senses do you use when buying a used car?

Open up your senses when buying a used car.  Car manufacturers have been overloading our senses for years, with advertising and  the way they design cars, they even have specific teams that work on these four areas.

Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell

What stimulates your senses when you look at a car.  The secondhand car online to actually seeing it on the forecourt. Your eyes take in the garage/ forecourt and then the cars that are for sale and finally alighting on your used car. You determine pretty quickly if it's as it was described online.  When the customer arrives and sees that the car is the same as online, that makes our day too.

Touching the car is another familiar sense.  Which part of the used car do you touch first? Probably the outside of the car, opening the doors, boot and placing your hand on the drivers seat to climb into place. Getting a feel for the driving position, changing the position and putting your hands on the steering wheel. Where does the key go? Are the indicators in the same place as your own car? Touchy feely all the way. 

The next sense to come onboard is hearing or sound.  Starting the car, what does it sound like, should it sound like that?  Do you even like the sound?  Are there any vibrations in the cabin?  With electric cars there is no sound. BMW i series have had to add in a sound. Opening and closing a door is the most common and first sound sensor most people use. Especially if they are in a new car showroom.  Emar Vegt, an aural designer for BMW says "Sound is an enormous part of branding. A Mini, for example, is playful and joyful and the sound of the car has to reflect that, so we modulate the exhaust to give a sporty, impulsive sound. By contrast, a 7 series has to be very quiet.  The driver wants to be in his own zone, so there is lots of damping and insulation". 

The last one is smell. What does the car smell like? Does it still have that new car smell. If there is leather what does it smell of? Smoke and dog smells can linger even after being valeted. Some cars can make you feel sick just from the smell. (that's me - I really don't like a new car smell especially if it's leather interior.) Audi have set up teams to work in each area and the "Nose Team" work on pleasant odours to sniff and snuff out smelly ones. Just imagine opening the car door and a foul stench came out.  Audi work on netural odour rather than no odour at all.  

We use all our senses together to make a decision on buying or not buying a used car. Taste is the only one missing. Ever fancied licking a car ?????



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