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Road Tax evaders clamped

The used car you just purchased isn't taxed but don't worry Simon Shield Cars ensures you're taxed before leaving the forecourt.

What do you mean, my secondhand car isn't taxed?

Vehicle Excise Duty is classified as:
  • A vehicle registered in the UK must be taxed if it is used or kept on a public road.
  • The amount of car tax you pay depends on the car's engine size or official CO2 emissions and the date of first registration.

It used to be a round piece of paper with the cars details, amount paid and sat on the windowscreen.  

So what's changed?

You will still need to purchase road fund licence, vehicle excise duty or car tax but you won't receive a paper disc to go on your windscreen. This information will be held on the DVLA computer system along with your MOT and eventually your driving licence information (speeding fines, drink driving offence, what categories of car/vans you can drive - see article on counterpart driving licences being abolished).

You can purchase your tax online or in person at the post office, without submitting your insurance documents and MOT certificate.  

Just take the current V5 document or green slip with the barcode on and the post office staff will read the barcode and all the relevant details will appear on their screen.  You still have to pay for the tax unfortunately.


If you purchase your tax online you will need:

  • The 16 digit reference number on your vehicle tax renewal letter or
  • The 11 digit reference number on your log book (V5c) or
  • The 12 digit reference number on your New Keeper Supplement 

You will be able to pay monthly as well as annually or 6 monthly and you'll be able to pay by DD.  There will be a 5% premium for paying  monthly or 6 monthly. Credit cards will receive a 2.5% surcharge too.


It might just take you a little longer in the Post Office queue to purchase your tax disc, whilst they check your details.

Car dealers or private owners can't sell a car with tax on it.

So how will the police and DVLA going to monitor it.  If you don't purchase a tax disc there is a fine of up to £1,000 and the automatic number plate recognition cameras will check the records, which also covers insurance and MOT. DVLA are clamping cars and handing out fines of £800. There were more than 8,000 clampings last month.

To purchase your tax on line click here:

To buy via phone ring this number: 0300 123 4321 

Charged at local rate and an automated system, which apparently will only take a couple of minutes (last famous words).  Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down the reference number to confirm that you've paid for your tax.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01473 658091 or contact us through here.

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