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So who does buy a Citroen DS3?

We have a funky red +Citroën  DS3 on the lot and a classic pepper white +MINI One. They sit side by side.  The other day I got a girlfriend to take them both out for a spin to get feed back from a different perspective.
It’s all very well what I think, but as my girlfriend pointed out, I drive a lot of cars and actually like driving - but that doesn't mean everybody does.
People buy cars for lots of reasons and not all of them are because the car is a good drive (from a driver’s point of view).
It got me thinking – just who would buy the DS3?
It's pretty striking to look at with its black and red colouring and inside it certainly packs a punch with all that glossy black interior sculpted seats and large rounded dials and buttons. Definitely someone who wants to turn heads, who is confident in themselves and wants to have fun.
DS3 black leather interior
My girlfriend said it was really light to drive but she reckoned it would get a bit painful if you were driving it for any length of time with its sit up and beg driving position and high clutch pedal – not for business use then.
There’s plenty of room in it she said for shopping and maybe taking friends for a night out. But with only two doors she didn’t think it would appeal as a family car as such, though for those who have got kids of driving age it could be a good second car for the family to share.
It’s also great for the taller members of society as it has got masses of headroom something a bit close to my heart with a husband over 6’ 2”! 
With its 1.6 engine it spins along really nicely – almost too quick for its size which could put off the more nervous or indeed novice driver but for someone who has been driving for a while it would make a perfect  21st gift she reckoned or indeed 50th she added with a grin!
"It’s the sort of car I’d get once the kids have flown and I am free again to have fun – you remember the days when girls just wanted to have fun!!"
Citroen DS3 1.6 E-HDI Airstream DStyle Plus 3Dr
Body Type: Hatchback
Doors: 3
Gearbox: Manual
Registered: 2012
Fuel Type: Diesel
Mileage: 29900 miles
Engine Size: 1560 cc
Colour: red
Interior: Black leather


Price: £9,795
Does this used car appeal to you, then click this link: Citroen DS3
Caroline Shield is working within the used car industry for Simon Shield Cars. Advice on buying and selling cars, warranty and from an FCA registered company on finance is available on 01473 658091.
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