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SSC Car news round up for Saturday 21st February 2015

Double S C News for Saturday 21 February 2015 for Simon Shield Cars Ltd.

Half term holiday this week (yes) – what have you been up to?  Did you visit any of the motor museums on femaleusedcarexpert blog? If you did, let us know what you thought.
Have you seen go ultra, the office of low emissions new website telling you all about the cars that produce less than 75g of CO2 per Kilometre.  Go and take a look as most manufacturers have signed up.

Is your car too wide for car parks spaces?  Mini’s are 24% wider than in 1959 and there are many MPV’s on the road.  New proposals to introduce ‘sizemark’ a new parking industry standard designed to ensure that car parking spaces are large enough to accommodate modern vehicles are hoping to be brought in by your parking  Car park damage has increased during 2014.

Did  you check the history of that secondhand car that you bought? Do you know how to? According to a survey carried out by the RAC, as many as 70% didn’t check before buying a used car. Vehicle search checks are inexpensive and well worth it. If you would like any advice give us a call.

Thanks for watching.  See you next week.

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