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ULEZ is coming to London

Do you drive into or around London?

Did you know that a new Ultra Low Emissions Zone is being introduced into London on 8th April 2019 taking over from the T-charge.

The introduction of ULEZ will help reduce exhaust NOx and PM emissions, helping to improve air quality and making central London a safer and more pleasant place to live, work and visit.

These positive effects will be especially beneficial to the young, older people and those who have respiratory problems, as well as residents of high pollution areas.

Cars that it will affect:
It will be based on emissions of the vehicle rather than the age. However:

Petrol cars that meet the ULEZ standards are generally those registered with the DVLA after 2005, although cars that meet the standards have been available since 2001
Diesel cars that meet the standards are generally those registered with the DVLA after September 2015.

Basically Petrol cars that have a Euro 4 engine and Diesel have a Euro 6 engine.

Best still to check before you arrive by using the TFL checker by adding in your registration number - click here

And take a look around our VW UP! in stock that you can drive around congestion charge free in London

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