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Winter survival kit for cars

The snow has arrived and winter is finally here in Suffolk on 1st March. Isn't that the first day of Spring?  Yes, it is, but a blast from the east, Siberia, I would think has made the landscape all white and impossible to drive anywhere.

If you have to drive in snow to get to work or visit an elderly relative what should you have in the car in case of a breakdown or getting stuck:

1. Lots of layers, warm clothes

2. Wellington boots - so that you don't get wet feet should you have to get out of the car

3. Food and water - take food and bottles of water

4. Handwarmers

5. Shovel

6. Bag of sand or cat litter to help you get traction on the roads.

7. First aid kit

8. A good book

9. Mobile phone and fully charged - charger essential too

10. Torch

11. Extra container of fuel

12. Jump leads

13. Ice scraper/snow brush

14. Spare tyre 

We wish you all a safe journey and let us know if I have missed anything off the list?





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