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Simon Shield Cars want to provide you with a Drivers Care Package that is the best for you and your vehicle, we are proud to be part of the RAC Dealer Network.  The RAC has provided services to the motorist for almost 115 years and today are one of the most respected and trusted motoring brands in the UK. 

As a RAC Dealer we provide you with a number of key benefits when you buy a car from  us:  

  • A RAC vehicle preparation standard to ensure that all is well with your car
  • RAC Warranty for peace of mind

RAC Warranty 12 months free breakdown cover - simon shield cars

Vehicle-based breakdown including Roadside and Recovery (12 months free when you take out a warranty with Simon Shield Cars).

Your RAC Warranty is geared to the age and mileage of your vehicle and provides you cover for unexpected parts failure.  

RAC Warranty repair data shows that modern vehicles are increasingly reliant on electrical components as four out of the top five most claimed parts relate to electrics. 

“If you run into problems after buying a used car without a suitable warranty, replacement  car parts do not come cheap – the average price of buying and fitting a new alternator or  starter motor, not to mention other major components can run into hundreds of pounds so it  makes sense to plan any used car purchase very carefully and ensure you have the right  cover just in case things go wrong.”    We, therefore, urge you to extend the period of warranty coverage to 12 or 24 months when you buy a car from us. That way you’ll enjoy peace of mind that you have cover against expensive repairs. 

Please ask for pricing details when you buy a used car from Simon Shield Cars.