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Detroit Motor Show - cancelled turned into hospital for coronavirus


The Detroit motor show has been cancelled and the arena is being turned into a hospital for the coronavirus. It has already been postponed to the first week in June but has now been cancelled. As per the Geneva Motor Show, expect to see lots of new cars being previewed online instead. Twitter,…

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Government defer MOT for 6 months


Have you heard the news this morning, the Government have granted 6 month exemption for cars that are due an MOT after 30th March 2020. There are still a few garages open as of today. How long they will open for depends on how long they can get parts delivered. Most of the main manufacturing plants…

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Shut but still available


Simon Shield Cars have had to shut the sales forecourt as per the Government guidelines.  All our used cars are available to browse online and in the coming weeks, we will be adding in additional features to buy online.  We will be adding in live chat onto our website so you can contact…

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Coronavirus update


Hello everyone, Simon and I are here to help. We know things are uncertain at the moment but it is business as usual at the car plot. Simon Shield Cars is an outside forecourt with plenty of space and fresh air to view our used cars.    You can walk around the cars with plenty of…

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Automakers to ventilators for coronavirus


Our generation hasn't been put under the pressure we are now seeing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Social media and the news doesn't help as we know what is going on around the world every minute of the day.  However, there is positive news, JLR, Ford, Rolls Royce Honda plants in the UK…

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Budget March 2020


The budget was released this week, 6 months late after the Tories decided to delay the budget due to Brexit and a new vote. Boris Johnson's first budget splashed the cash.  What help is there for the car owner? Fuel duty has been frozen for the 10th year in a row. We could also see a…

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Audi vs Merc vs BMW


German cars are selling well this week. The little supermini Audi A1 is the height of luxury all packaged up in a small car. The BMW 320d is a luxury saloon car with beige leather interior and matching keyfob. The Mercedes E350 is a great workhorse and superbly comfortable for all those miles of…

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20mph in central London in congestion zone


As from Monday 2nd March 2020, the London congestion zone has reduced the speed limit to 20mph. This is managed by TFL, Transport for London and is a collaboration with the Mayor of London's office to reduce deaths on London roads. These are the roads with the reduced speeding limit: Albert…

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ULEZ London charge : what you need to know : cars


Do you drive into London? You might drive in once or twice a year or in on a daily basis. If you do then you will be aware of the congestion charge zone but do you know about the Ultra Low Emission Zone or ULEZ. Many cars are subject to this £12.50 daily cost which is operating on a 24…

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Driving in Wet conditions


The First day of Autumn is here (23rd September 2019) and the next day, it rains.  It is a welcome sight in Suffolk as it has been very dry over the summer months. However, it is harder to drive when the rain is dripping down onto your windscreen. Now that the weather is changing it…

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Pavement Parking


The Transport Committee is recommending that pavement parking be banned in England.  Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Pavement parking has become an issue, as there isn't enough room to park cars on narrow roads in cities and towns. Used cars are parking on pavements…

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