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Chernobyl children are here - Simon Shield Cars charity choice, Ipswich, Suffolk


Back in February 2014, Top Gear visited the Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster site.   Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had to drive small compact 1.0 litre cars across Ukraine to the Belarus border. They didn't know what the challenge would be until half way. …

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DVLA u-turn on access code needed on hiring cars


Hiring a car? The DVLA has decided to extend the length of time the access code is valid for.  The initial timing was just 72 hours.  The access code is now available up to 21 days.   Now that the paper counterpart of your driving licence is no longer valid, you have to organise an…

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July Budget 2015 for car owners, new and used


How is this going to affect you the car owner. Pros: Fuel duty has been frozen for this year  (this doesn't mean that prices won't go up) New countryside tax relief has kicked in so filling up your car in rural locations should result in 5p a litre reduction. Have you seen any reduction…

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Honda Jazz - what's in the bootspace?


What else can you get in a Jazz?   For more information click here:

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Are you a car owner? Weekly car news just for you


What's in the news this week: Women in garages Blade... Diesel prices race dates Towing caravans You can also find us on: Website Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Google+ Thanks for watching our weekly video

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Spacious MPV Mercedes A class A160


Turn the clock back to 1997, the ThrustSSC sets the first supersonic land speed record and the Mercedes A Class is born. Frankfurt Motor Show had the first sightings, with a change of direction and demographic for Mercedes, as they moved into the MPV market. Mercedes had always been known as the…

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How to survive a heatwave in your car


Cool passengers are happy passengers How do you survive in this heat in your car? 1. Use the air conditioning  or open the windows if you don't have a/c. Make sure your a/c is regassed so that it's cold when you want to use it. 2. Keep plenty of water in the car and drink it but…

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Car News is here just for you - used classic new vintage from Simon Shield Cars


What have we got in store for you today on weekly car news.  Have a watch and you'll find out. 

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Festival of Speed at Goodwood, new,used, classic cars on show


Who's going to Festival of Speed at Goodwood? It's that time of year again when the expensive cars come out to drive up the hill.   Festival of Speed was set up in 1993 by Lord March for car enthusiasts.  There is Wimbledon for tennis lovers; sailors have Cowes; Ascot for horse…

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Used and New Cars on the Green, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Fathers Day treat


As a fathers day treat, Simon was taken by the SSC reporter to cars on the green at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds.  It's a car show that's been running for 8 years by Bury Retro Car Club.  Here are some of the cars that we saw. Enjoy

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Car news is here for the driver


Here's the news for the car owner this week with a special guest and inside the Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet (rare).  

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Second most influential car dealer 2015 on Twitter


Last week, Caroline attended the Car Dealer Conference at Silverstone race circuit.  A great deal of networking took place within the car trade along with seminars and trade stands.  There were many recognisable company names RAC cars, GardX, Supagard, Autotrader, Black Horse, BEN charity,…

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