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Drugs and driving


Drug drivers think it's acceptable to take drugs more than drinking behind the wheel, according to a Government survey.  Monday 2nd March 2015,  saw the introduction of the Drug driving law, making it illegal to drive if you're impaired by drugs and the big thing is this…

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What to do this Easter?


Video of activities to keep you and your kids happy over the Easter holidays by visiting car museums.  

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Car News Round up 28th March


Hello and welcome to double sc news for Saturday 28th March 2015 brought to you by Simon Shield Cars Ltd There is so much to get through this week I’m going to just get on with it: £20 fines for idling drivers in London city centre, due to increasing pollution levels.  Paris also…

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Weekly car news round up Saturday 21st March


    Whats on the news this week? Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Car finance, The Budget, Jeremy Clarkson, Suspension, News Reporter.  Watch the video to find out more:   Here are the links: for car finance…

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10 Golden Rules of Driving


Lewis Hamilton is backing the FIA's Action for Safety and 10 Golden Rules of Driving and asking you, as a driver to pledge your support.  I have, have you.  Here's the link to place your pledge: …

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Top myths about red cars


Red: the colour of danger, aggression, excitement, passion - not surprisingly the most popular colour of choice for sports cars for a very long time – that is until silver came along but that’s another story.   For some people buying a red car is just a little bit too much of an…

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Can you really go back to your first love?


It's a tricky question and the response has to be why do you want to? It’s never really going to be the same is it? You could be wildly disappointed. But the problem is there are times when it is impossible not to – take for example driving the Mini One. It’s so iconic that for…

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Car news round up for Saturday 7th March


What's in the news this week in the Automobile industry? Geneva Motor Show Make a Plea scheme Drug driving law update 10 minute grace for parking ticket Driverless cars Used Landrover Discovery for sale  Thanks for watching     

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Geneva Motor Show is here


It's been a car frenzy at Geneva today with car launches left right and centre. The one's you want to know about: Ferrari 488GTB (not quite as good as press pictures) Porsche Cayman GT4 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (493bhp, naturally aspirated) Morgan Aero 8 (really retro looking car 367 bhp)…

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So just who does buy the DS3?


We have a funky yellow Citroen DS3 on the lot and a classic pepper white BMW Mini One. They sit side by side. The other day I got a girlfriend to take them both out for a spin to get feed back from a different perspective. It’s all very well what I think, but as my girlfriend pointed out,…

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Car news for today Saturday 28th February 2015


What's been happening in the car world this week? Watch the video to find out 

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Prescription drugs could impair your driving


Monday 2nd March sees a change in the drug driving law which includes prescription drugs.  Do you take any?  Read here

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