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Autumn Budget and Diesel Cars


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond brought to the table the latest on diesel cars. If you already own a diesel car there will be no change to your road tax, company tax or fuel costs. Well no duty charge increase on fuel, the price of oil may well go up.  The Chancellor has hit the manufacturers…

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Driver Satisfaction for the Skoda Yeti


The Skoda Yeti was on the podium in the Autoexpress driver satisfaction survey 2017.  It came in at number 3.  Drivers do love the Yeti and now that Skoda is in the VW group, the technology and knowledge are spread across the group. If you're interested in buying a Yeti, give us a call…

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Tow Car of the Decade


The Landrover Discovery 4 tdv6 hse has won the coveted award of Tow car of the Decade.  This is an award that Practical Caravan magazine hand out every year.  There are many categories depending on what size and weight of caravan you are towing.  However, over the last 10 years, the…

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Vehicle Excise Duty on New Cars April 2017


Are you thinking of buying a brand new car in 2017?   April 1st 2017 and the Government are clawing back money through your road tax. It’s all change from April onwards, if you buy a new car. You will be paying a lot more for your road tax or vehicle excise duty (VED).   You could be…

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Adventures of Zing, X reg Daihatsu Charade


An update from ‘Zing’ Late October, 2016   Hello, Everyone!   For those of you who managed to wade through my last Blog submission, here’s another! Since announcing myself via the kind offices of Aunty Caroline and Uncle Simon Shield, I’ve not really had all that…

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The life and times of an X reg Daihatsu Charade


It’s not often you come across a car talking about itself, so I suppose I’m one of the first? As a matter of fact, ‘The Bloke’ who owns me, once had another car much older than me which was a Triumph from  1970 and she wrote a column for a club magazine called “The…

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Own an Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda, then recalls are on their way?


One year on and the VW dieselgate scandal is still hanging on in there. VW are starting to recall the cars within the group from around the world.  Around 11 million diesel cars with EA 189 engine which covers 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 litre pre-euro 6 engines have been identified as containing the…

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How many senses do you use when buying a used car?


Open up your senses when buying a used car.  Car manufacturers have been overloading our senses for years, with advertising and  the way they design cars, they even have specific teams that work on these four areas. Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell What stimulates your senses when you look…

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7 seater practical car


Comfortable, practical and just right for a family car. For more information click here:

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Retro, funky & sporty, MINI One


Take a look at the MINI one 1.6 in Velvet Silver on a road test with Simon.    For more details on the car, clicke here:

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Road Test in the BMW 118d sport


Ride with Simon in the BMW 118d on a local road test.  For more details on the car click here:

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Road test on Mercedes A160 cdi Avantgarde SE


Watch Simon road test the Mercedes Benz A160 in stock today.  To find out more click here:

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